DMS offers secure storage, fast retrieval and outstanding value.

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DMS facilities feature:

Secure storage with controlled access

Environment controlled for temperature/humidity

Motion detectors and intruder alarm systems

Highly sensitive smoke & heat detectors

Advanced fire suppression systems

Large, maximum security Firelock® Vault with magnetic shielding, roof protection and precision climate control

Sophisticated computer media storage within a secure vault chamber with Class 125 Fire rating

DMS Data and Information Management services include:

Secure Document & Computer Media Storage

Barcode Tracking and Inventory Management

Rapid Response Retrieval & Delivery

Daily Courier Service

Advanced Tele-Storage Solutions

Electronic Imaging of Documents

Web-Based Data Backup Service

Secure Vault Storage & Media Rotation

Retention Schedule Management

Secure Document & Media Destruction Services

Standard & Custom Computerized Reporting

Records & Information Management Consulting


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