DMS serves clients in a wide variety of professions and businesses.


DMS understands the special needs of law firms who often retain case files for years and years. Our document management system was built to meet those needs and we are pleased to work with some of the largest and most prestigious law firms and attorneys in the NW Ohio/SE Michigan region.

It’s not unusual for a lawyer/client to request transcripts, case notes, interrogatories and other documents from years past. With our sophisticated inventory and barcode system, we are able to locate and deliver needed files to the lawyer/client in 2 hours or less. We can also scan individual pages and email within 30 minutes.

The safety, security and low cost offered by DMS makes us a popular resource among law firms and we appreciate their referrals.


Every business has unique needs and DMS works with architects, insurance companies, distributors, retailers and other organizations to secure sensitive and important information. We can quickly restore your critical records in times of crisis due to fire or natural disaster.

Distribution businesses, wholesalers, regional chains and retailers understand the necessity and value of securing confidential information and important records and data.

DMS services cost less than you imagine and provide an important peace of mind that helps ensure business continuation in the event of a disaster. Give us a call to discuss your needs at 419-255-9472.


DMS has become the preferred choice for counties, municipalities, villages, township trustees and other governmental entities who must store critically important public records. DMS securely stores legal documents, court records, official meeting records, property records and much more at low cost. The benefits are safety and security as well as immediate retrieval of important documents.


DMS clients have traditionally included hospitals, physician practices, dentists, insurance companies and related professions. The sensitive nature of medical information underscores the trust clients place in DMS and our ability to deliver security, integrity and value.

DMS Medical Record Storage and Management includes:

Professional Records Management

24 Hour File Access

Stat Retrieval & Delivery

Scans On Demand

Comprehensive Record Digitizing

Secure Records Destruction

DMS HIPAA Compliance Statement  

Document Management Solutions LLC (DMS) hereby acknowledges and agrees that all identifiable health care information is to be protected as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, regulations issued there under and other laws to the extent applicable.


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